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Record, transcribe, translate & analyze all meetings, and coach teams at scale using cutting edge AI - works with your favorite conferencing or dialing software.

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Give revenue teams superpowers and convert meetings into revenue

The world's most successful sales and customer success teams use Demodesk every day to increase conversions and automate workflows - from scheduling meetings, delivering winning product demos and interactive onboarding, to gaining valuable insights. Now even more powerful with AI.

How Treatwell increased conversion rates by 30% with Demodesk

Find out how Demodesk has helped Treatwell to standardize their sales narrative, reduce time spent on admin tasks, and enabled new sales reps to close deal on their first day.

30% higher

conversion rates

2 hours saved

on admin tasks/day

50% faster

onboarding time
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Sales coaching

Coach & onboard sellers in real-time and convert more meetings into revenue

  • Guide sales reps during the meeting along standardized playbooks and battle cards to increase conversion rates
  • Share content on a virtual screen and instantly share control for engaging, interactive demos and onboardings
  • Increase sales productivity by automating meeting preparation, follow-up and CRM documentation
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Understand what works with AI-based meeting insights

  • Automatically record, transcribe and summarize all customer meetings using AI, fully GDPR compliant
  • Analyze meeting statistics, conversational metrics, playbook adherence, coaching effectiveness and more using the Demodesk dashboard or send data to your CRM
  • “Shadow” any customer meeting as a hidden participant without interrupting the conversation flow
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Meeting insights and analytics
Meeting scheduling

Schedule more meetings and reduce no-show rates

  • Qualify leads and prospects in real-time by using booking questions and CRM sync
  • Automatically route meetings to the right rep, streamline handoff processes and sync all interactions to your CRM
  • Reduce no-show rates by automating personalized notifications and reminders and analysing statistics
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The all-in-one sales meeting platform to close more deals and scale what works

Higher conversion

Sales teams often experience significant variation in conversion rates among sellers. Traditional sales coaching tends to be ineffective, as humans tend to forget 70% of the information they learn within a week.

Unlike standard video meeting tools, Demodesk offers live coaching to sales reps during meetings, precisely when and where it's most impactful in order to maximize conversion.

Shorter ramp time

On average, it takes 5 months for a newly hired sales person to reach full productivity. This represents a substantial investment for companies in onboarding new hires.

Demodesk streamlines the process by automatically loading the appropriate playbook into every meeting, providing new hires with talk tracks and battle cards, and assisting them with workflows.

Higher sales productivity

Sales reps allocate 65% of their time to repetitive tasks, such as scheduling meetings, preparing presentations, customizing slides and demos, documenting CRM conversations, and following up with prospects and clients.

Demodesk automates all meeting-related workflows, enabling sales reps to dedicate more time to selling.

Shorter sales cycle

There are several best practices to shorten sales cycles, such as asking the right questions during discovery, aligning on next steps, or ensuring the next meeting is scheduled before concluding the call.

Demodesk allows you to seamlessly incorporate these practices into your playbook, ensuring that reps adhere to best practices and reduce the sales cycle duration.

Process control

Industry research indicates that over 30% of reps fail to meet their targets due to non-adherence to best practices and defined processes.

Demodesk is designed for larger sales teams, offering the capability to standardize and oversee the complete sales process, encompassing scheduling, execution, and meeting analysis.

More insights

Customer interactions no longer need to remain a mystery for revenue and product leaders.

Demodesk provides valuable insights into meeting dynamics, allowing you to identify areas requiring product or process improvements to drive more revenue.

Increase sales productivity and automate meeting workflows

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